We are here rain or shine, and our event includes covered areas like the Tap House Grill Buxom Beer Garden, the indoor Sports Bar (inside Fremont Studios), and various lounge spaces around the event. 

Tickets PageAh ha! You've landed...it worked.

Here's what you need to know: Fremont Oktoberfest has two main parts, the Tasting Garden and the Village. The Tasting Garden requires a ticket and is 21+. The Village does not require a ticket. If you are interested in the the Village, get out of here and go here

Stuck around? Ok good. Here's more about the Tasting Garden. There are three ticket options to choose from, and you can always add more tokens once you get to the event.

Questions already? Go to the How it Works page.                            


Which ticket is right for you?

  • $20 Festival Only Admission ($25 day-of): Go Straight to the Stein or be the DD (How’s that for juxtaposition?)

*Includes admission to the festival, does NOT include tokens or 5 oz mini-mug. Includes four vouchers for non-alcoholic beverages redeemable at the Pretzel Booth or Merchandise Booth. Great for designated drivers or if you want to go straight to the stein in the Buxom Beer Garden (see below).

  • $25 General Admission ($35 day-of): Go for Your Favorites

Admission to the festival, 5 oz mini-mug, 5 tasting tokens

  • 30 Grand Admission ($40 day-of):  Go for Variety
    Admission to the festival, 5 oz mini-mug, 10 tasting tokens

Tastes are typically 1 token each. Additional tasting tokens can be purchased individually or in packages at the Merchandise Booth.


Want to go big? Go Buxom. 


Skeptical of the mini-mug? We know your type. We have Buxom steins just for you. But not too fast, you still have to purchase one of the admissions above because the Buxom Beer Garden is inside the Tasting Garden. Half-liter steins and full-liter steins are available for purchase in the Buxom Beer Garden, where you can buy full beers with cash.

These Buxom steins can only be filled in the Buxom Beer Garden; you will need a mini-mug to enjoy tastes in the rest of the Tasting Garden.


Asking yourself “WTF are tokens and mini-mugs and Buxom steins?”

Check out this HOW IT WORKS guide and get the answers you need.


3 Ways to Buy Tickets

1. Click the link we put all over the website. 2014 link coming soon!                                        

2. Have dinner at the Tap House Grill and ask your server to bring you tickets while you dine. Plus, you'll get a gift card for $10 off your purchase of $40. Tempting.

3) Buy at the gate. But why pay extra? And wait in longer lines? It’s GUARANTEED to be epic, remember? Don't forget:

  • Ticket prices increase by $10 for General and Grand Admission starting weekend of the festival. Festival Only Admission will increase by $5. 
  • Be smart. Skip the line and save your extra dough for more tasting tokens
  • Buying tickets at the gate on Sunday? It's our last day and we're feeling generous: you get two extra tasting tokens on us. (At the gate on Sunday only -- not online, friends.)


Read this:

  • Commemorative mugs available while supplies last.
  • All guests must be 21 years of age or older and be able to present valid ID at the event. No babes in arms (they're not 21 are they? We didn't think so).
  • We love dogs. But only on Sunday in the Tasting Garden. 
  • Advance tickets are non-refundable; the event will be held rain or shine. Tickets are good for one day only. There is no re-entry at the event. Once you leave, you will not be able to return.
  • Guests must bring the print out of the tickets they purchased online in order to get into the Fremont Oktoberfest Tasting Garden. No reprinting capacities are available at the festival.
  • For the skeptics: download a PDF of the Ticket Price Breakdown

Fremont Oktoberfest is a benefit for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, supporting local schools, art groups, community events, and promoting Fremont as the “Center of the Universe." 

Know your limit (don't be a drunk jerk) and have a safe tasting experience. Be respectful, drink responsibly, and call a cab. Read the full Guest Conduct Policy...